The myths which surrounded male condoms

The myths around male condoms | 24*7 condom delivery in Kolkata

There were and still are many myths surrounding the use of male condoms. India, being a slightly conservative company, the myths still prevail in some parts of the country. The urban areas have identified that it’s a boon and that has encouraged the online delivery of condoms in Kolkata but the myths are still alive in the rural areas and the suburbs. Let’s have a look at the myths and the realities surrounding it:

Myth: Effectiveness

Many males and females believe that the condoms are not effective in family planning as they don’t work in preventing pregnancy or many sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Fact: The condom works as a sheath around the erect penis and prevents the sperm from entering the vagina. Thus, it helps prevent pregnancy. It is also effective in keeping out the infections which may be housed in the semen or the penis or the vagina. For any time delivery of condoms, get in touch with Couplesure. They need to be used whenever there is intercourse. On proper usage, condoms work 98% of the times. The condoms break or slip off as they are used incorrectly.

Myth: Side effects

There are some beliefs floating around that condoms cause illness, infection or cancer in men and women.

Fact: There is no evidence that cancer is caused by condoms. However, it is possible that individuals may have mild irritation in the vagina or the penis due to an allergic reaction. Some people can be allergic to latex condoms but that is not a common scenario. There are condoms made of plastic which can be used as an alternative in such cases.

Myth: Condoms cause premature ejaculation

There is a belief that as the condom grips the penis tightly, there might be premature ejaculation.

Fact: This is totally untrue. With regular usage, it becomes a habit for both the partners and condoms become an essential part of the process of intercourse.

So, if you want to enter into family planning, then using protection is your best bet.

Online Lubes Delivery in Kolkata |

There are so many actions which lubes can perform during your special moments. has therefore introduced Lubes Delivery in Kolkata .

It helps in easing out the uncomfortable friction during sex; in case of a condom becoming too dry, it helps in lubricating it for better movement. Any sexually active adult can use it and see the positive results for themselves. Here are some ways in which you can use it:

  1. When you plan to masturbate – When you are in the mood to make yourself happy all by yourself then you can use lubricants. Apply a few drops in your dry hands and you wouldn’t need to use any moisturiser to soften your hands.
  2. While having vaginal sex – It can be applied around the condom or on the penis directly. The level of using it varies from person to person and you need to use it a few times to know the right amount for you.
  3. You can pour few drops inside the condom – Before unrolling the condom completely, if you put in a couple of drops of lubes then the sensation is enhanced to a new level. It would save the guy from having any “uncomfortable” feeling while sex as they often say about using condoms in the first place.
  4. Preferred partner for anal sex – Unlike the vagina, there is no natural lubricant produced in this part of body. It’s very dry and you need to use any lubricant to smoothen the process and enjoy the ultimate sensation.
  5. For some quality foreplay – A good-quality lubricant is body safe. So you can indulge in some non-sexual foreplay like a body massage to spice things up. Using a lube makes the massage session smoother and thus hotter. You never know, it might lead on to the next step.

Lubes Delivery in Kolkata

Don’t be shy about using products that would make your sex life interesting. Mixing things up a bit always keeps your sex life exciting as in the beginning and you have to keep trying to do so.   Connect with us for Lubes Delivery in Kolkata .

Enjoy date night with

Tips to Follow on your next date night

You have come across the guy/girl whom you like; you spoke to him/her and finally have secured a date night . This may be one scenario. The other one can be that you are already with your partner and want to celebrate a special day or want to spend some quality time together. So you decided to head out for a pleasant night. Whichever may be the case, these tips are always helpful:

Tips for date night


  1. Eye contact is a must – No matter whether you are on a date with someone fairly new in your life or it’s your steady partner, eye contact is always the most crucial. It lets the other person know that you are listening to him/her intently. That’s always a charming factor in an individual. Never lose your focus from the person. This is a must for everyone on their date night .
  2. Subtle touching – Light physical contact always lets the other person know that you are fully comfortable with him/her. Small gestures go a long way and as long as you do it in a genuine, subtle manner, even your first date with anyone would turn out to be a super impressive one. If it’s the first time you are meeting in person, then a gentle hug or a slight pat on the shoulder while saying hello actually works wonders. It lets the other person know that you are very much pleased after meeting them in person for the first time. If it’s your long-time partner then a touch now and then lets out the message that the spark is still and will always be alive.
  3. Communicate your thoughts clearly – During a date it’s essential to keep the conversation going and if it’s the first time for you two then it’s a factor which can make or break the deal. Remember to let the other person speak too. Ask questions, respond to their thoughts, in short, it should a healthy two-way communication. For dated couples, it’s even more important.
  4. Be prepared – You never know how your date turns out. If it’s a successful one and you have wooed your date effectively then things might turn really hot. You may end up in the other person’s place for the night. Always carry condoms. Or connect with for 24*7 Condom Delivery in Kolkata within 1 hour. 

Keep reading our blogs for more updates and tips for your Date Night . You can connect with us for fastest delivery of health and wellness products in Kolkata.

Pregnancy Test Kit

Pregnancy test kit and here’s how they work

In case you have the doubt in your mind whether you are pregnant or not then pregnancy test kit come in very handy. These can be easily used at home and is hassle-free way of knowing if a baby is on its way. Here’s how they are used:

  1. Ways of using a pregnancy test kit – The testing method varies from one brand to another. Every brand comes with a set of instructions on the pack. You need to follow them thoroughly in order to achieve the desired results. Most of the brands need you to use your urine sample for placing a few drops on the monitor with the help of a dropper. After the wait of a few moments, you need to look in the result bar and follow the packet instructions to judge the result. Usually two pink/red lines indicate your affirmation of pregnancy.
  2. Role of a pregnancy test kit – The kit determines the presence or absence of the pregnancy hormones in the urine which is known as human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). This hormone is produced by the female body once the egg is fertilized and gets attached to the uterus wall. This attachment occurs after 7-9 days of fertilization. One pregnant, this hormone increases to double in a span of 2-3 days constantly and reduces during the second trimester.
  3. Correct time to take the test – If you are a sexually active woman and have missed your periods then the test can be taken immediately. But you can wait for a week more to get the most accurate results. Also, the first urine of the day should be utilized for this purpose as the levels of the pregnancy hormone is at its peak in the first urine sample of the day.

Pregnancy Test Kit Delivery

The process remains constant for almost all the brands but still it’s advised to use a trusted brand.  Stay connected with us for more information on Pregnancy Kit Delivery in Kolkata . Couplesure provides complete service of online health and wellness products delivery

Emergency Contraceptive Pills Delivery in Kolkata

What is the Right Time to take Emergency Contraceptive Pills?

ECP or Emergency Contraceptive Pills are welcomed with wide open arms by girls across the globe. It’s also referred to as the “morning after pill” or “day after pills” to evade the chances of getting pregnant after a session of unsafe sex. Unsafe sex has so many reasons, some of which are:

  • Condoms break at times
  • Miscalculating the time of having your birth control pills
  • People get carried away at the heat of the moment and indulge in unprotected sex
  • The after-effects of a party with plenty of booze also become a reason for the mistake
  • The worst one is when sex is forced on the girl

So, as it’s not possible to have sex every time with utmost care, there comes the role of the Emergency Contraceptive Pills. No matter what the reason is, ECP reduces the chances of getting pregnant by a significant level, when you are not ready.

Emergency Contraceptive Pills Delivery

It can be taken immediately after having sex and taking the pill up until 72 hours later would also be effective in some other cases. But you should really focus on taking it as early as possible after having unprotected sex. The sperm can live in a woman’s body for up to 72 hours post sex. Various ECPs performance varies as further you take it. You may not be aware of how close you are to your time of ovulation for the month so it becomes very important to have it soon.  

Is it Safe?

As Emergency Contraceptive Pill is used for one instance and not regularly so it’s safe to consume. But if you have already gotten pregnant then ECP cannot alter that state. It is not a pill for abortion. It’s also not harmful in any way for the foetus, if you have become pregnant before taking the pill. So, if you think there are chances that you have already become pregnant then consult your doctor immediately.  

So, you better hurry up on the ECP whenever you think there is a risk of getting pregnant involved.

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